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Maybe you've got some questions?

​                     Trust us, we are as frustrated as you are(probably more since we've got money riding on this) . After our permit application disappearing for 11 months and a couple calls to our congressmen, we are finally at the last stage of getting our building permit. we've hired all our contractors and the space is all prepared for construction. Our target opening date is sometime this summer.

Can my group all sit together if we get food from different restaurants?

                     Yes, we have one big stylish communal dining hall.


Do you sell alcohol?

                     Yes, we are in Wisconsin.


What do I do if I want to open a restaurant in LAX food hall?

                     Go to the “become a vendor” page or call us at 608-790-9666 or

What is the average cost to open a restaurant?


What do you provide your restaurants?

                     1.    Dishes
                     2.    Glasses
                     3.    Flatware
                     4.    Dishwashing for these items
                     5.    Phone line
                     6.    Phone service
                     7.    1 phone
                     8.    Internet
                     9.    Cable service (TV)
                     10.    A P.O.S. system machine (Point of Sale/ a cash register)
                     11.    The P.O.S. software (that’s compatible and set up for eat street, Uber eats etc.)
                     12.    A stylish Dining area
                     13.    Bussing and maintainece of dining area
                     14.    Dining room TVs
                     15.    A bar for alcohol sales
                     16.    Food hall advertising the mentions each vendor
                     17.    Exterior signage
                     18.    Outdoor eating space and furniture and maintainece of the space(depending on the cities                      allowance)
                     19.    Hood hookups
                     20.    Gas hookups
                     21.    high voltage receptacle(s)
                     22.    Regular voltage receptacles
                     23.    A drain for each stall
                     24.    Water rough ins /hook ups
                     25.    Entertainment on special occasions
                     26.    Communal area insurance
                     27.    Can lighting for each stall   

Is this my beautiful house?


Is this my beautiful wife?


And before you ask, we are not Sarah Conner

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