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the obvious question.

What actually is a food hall?

A food hall is a dining and gathering space showcasing innovative local menu options and local favorites. A food hall eliminates any need for any argument over what to have for dinner/lunch. Instead, each diner can choose their meal from a diverse range of vendor options and then dine together in a stylish communal dining area. 


LAX Food Hall is the first of its kind in the Driftless Region, offering guests a unique dining experience right in the heart of historic Downtown La Crosse.

LAX Food Hall offers an assortment of vendors, all LOCALLY owned and offering a diverse array of culinary specialties. 

In addition, our full bar is available for those guests of age, with many signature drinks to match the uniqueness of our venders. Our dining area offers a wide range of seating, from large communal tables, to secluded nooks. Whether you are in a hurry and need a quick bite or need a place to study and chill for the afternoon, we are happy to serve you and introduce you to the delicious world of Food Halls.

Food Spread


To create an environment that fosters the development and growth of local restauranteurs and start-up entrepreneurs. To provide our guests with diverse culinary selections. To have fun and create the best dining experience in the Driftless Region.



To have one space that showcases the many cultures that make up La Crosse. From burgers and curds to Hmong dishes, soul food and kosher deli styled food. To give La Crosse the option to eat LOCALLY owned, yet experience foods from across the globe. 

Modern Restaurant Kitchen
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