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XoXo Mochi - Asian Street Foods

Menu sample:XoXo Mochi Streets Edition Menu Items
Mochi Donuts
Korean Corndogs
Korean Fried Chicken
Boba Tea / Boba Milk Tea
Thai Tea / Thai Coffee
Vietnamese Tea
Shaved Ice Cream

Southeast Asian Street Foods (includes but not limited to):
Hmong Sausage / Lao Sausage
Sticky Rice
Lao Papaya Salad / Thai Papaya Salad
Chicken Satay
Hmong Fried Chicken
Hmong Stuffed Wings and Vegetables
Thai Fried Rice
Vietnamese Spring Rolls
Specialty Spring Rolls
Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwiches
Thai and Lao Larb
Thai Seafood Salad
Other Specialized Hmong, Thai, Lao and Vietnamese Cuisines

XoXo Mochi -  Asian Street Foods
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